Over The Air TV 3.0 to Launch in 2020

The OTA TV 3.0 or ATSC 3.0 is also referred to as the “Next Gen TV.” The Advanced Television Systems Committee or ATSC had announced that they would be soon rolling out the ATSC 3.0 OTA TV. It is an advanced television transmission which has been mandated by the FCC or ruling out the quality resolution pictures by the broadcasters similar to the 4k which has been offered. As per the FCC, this new generation TV is a new standard for the showcasing of television. The ATSC 3.0 would look to improve the existing version of free OTA TV which is a favourite among the set of cord cutters who do not plan to pay for the satellite or cable charges. This OTA TV 3.0 promises its consumers with a resolution that is up to the Ultra HD 4k TV with a high dynamic range, providing better reception indoors along with better mobile reception and many more features. All of this is absolutely free of cost. ATSC 3.0 is really something to get excited about.

This new technological revolution would be in stores by Christmas 2020. Cincinnati, Phoenix, Ohio and Arizona would be the first few places that will experience this upgraded version of the TV. They would be testing the markets just to see if it would be fully operational. Nationwide target date for distribution has been decided as 2019 to 2020. 

This new version would be supporting both the current and older HD format along with lower resolutions. Hence there would not be any need for converting them at the broadcasting stations since your TV would carry out that job.  Due to the OFDM broadcast technology instead of the 8VSB that has been used in the current system would ensure that the users should also get a better signal reception indoors and also near the taller buildings. It would also be providing higher resolution signals and picture quality. This is turning out to be a really good news for the viewers.

Few other interesting features which are also part of this upgraded version, it has the ability to remotely turn on the TV for broadcasting any emergency signals, it also has internet enabled interactive features along with certain ways to also include the targeted ads. There is a controversial feature that is part of 3.0 and it is “return data path”. This is basically a way for the station you would be watching to know what you are watching. This would not only provide for an accurate count on who is watching which shows but at the same time it would be creating a market for targeted advertising once that data is available. The viewers would start to view only those ads which are specific to their viewing habits, ethnicity and income level.

ATSC 3.0 is still turning out to be in the horizon but much closer than expected. There is no need to hold up on buying new TV, probably later on there will be cheaper tuner boxes which can be easily connected to the TV for this new technology.