There are more than 70% of the users who have subscribed to some form of Pay TV services such as the satellite or the cable TV service. In these services, the users are provided with more than hundreds of channels. But most of the channels are not watched by the users. Out of these hundred channels, probably a user would be watching around 15 to 20 channels. With the rise in the cost of the premium channels and also the internet charges, the monthly budget set by the viewers has been increasing to more than $200. To top it all, there are more than 60% of the users who also have subscribed to online streaming services or devices such as Hulu, Netflix, Amazon and so on. This led to an out of control video viewing habits. Many a times, people just sit constantly in front of the TV unit and keep on scrolling the channels.

This has led to a rise in the awareness among the public that such TV viewing habits is not only affecting their monthly budget but at the same time it has a negative effect on their health as well. Cord cutters have been shifting their focus to purchasing TV antennas. This is the right time to get yourself a TV antenna. The TV antennas are best products in this age due to its varied features. There are certain viewers who are combining two services together such as a TV antenna and at the same time any one of the online streaming service.

Today the TV antennas are turning out to be more appealing due to the rise of the online video services mostly the ones which are an alternative to cable TV. The TV antennas are considered to be Free TV since you would only need to pay the cost of purchasing the antenna which should not go beyond $40 to $50 at the most. Also once the installations and setup is done, you can view all of the local channels absolutely free of cost without shelling out a single penny from your pocket. As per the consumer research that was carried out by Park Associates, there has been a steady increase in the use of the digital antennas among the US household. By the end of the year 2017 it had reached 20% which was an upward trend from 16% in the year 2015.

There are also various resources available online so as to make it easier for the consumers to purchase the right type of antenna based on their locality and other factors. There are various models and styles of antenna available in the market which makes the work much easier giving multiple choices to the user. The picture quality provided by the TV antenna is in an uncompressed format thus making it high-definition type quality. Though there are multiple factors that can affect the signal reception but if they are taken care of and if the antenna is placed in an appropriate location then it should provide even the regional channels free of cost. Surely antennas are the best bargain and it is time to bring them back and make proper use of it.